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Our Services


Financial Coaching

(12-week engagement) 

We will provide you with the basic ingredients to help organize your financial life. We will help you to understand your personal situation and help guide you in achieving your goals and navigating through life's financial twists, turns, and fire drills.


Topics include budgeting, money management, behavioral finance, and more. As your accountability partner, we will have bi-weekly check-in meetings and offer unlimited email support and advice during the engagement. *Asset Management is not included in the Financial Coaching plan.


Fee: $1,500.00 (one-time fee) 


Financial Planning

(8-week engagement) 

We will partner with you to deliver a tailored financial plan for your personal financial situation and then allow you to manage the implementation. Hourly sessions are also available for those who need help with implementation after the financial plan is complete.


Topics include cash flow, net worth analysis, goal setting, risk management, insurance planning, retirement planning and more. Included are scheduled check-in meetings and unlimited email support and advice during the engagement. *Asset Management is not included in the Financial Planning service.


Individual Fee: $2,500.00 (one-time fee)

Couples: $3,500.00 (one-time fee)

Financial Planning and Consulting Sessions

(hourly, as requested) 

Do you have specific money questions or need advice on a particular financial situation? In addition to ongoing engagements, we also offer hourly sessions for those who need a little help, at certain times, during their financial journey. *Asset Management is not included in hourly sessions.


Fee: $150.00 per hour


Financial Education


If you are not ready to partner with us or prefer a self-directed, online approach to learning about personal finance, the award-winning Mill Prep Monday Financial Academy is the place for you!


With enrollment you get unlimited access to a robust learning experience for all ages and financial situations. Visit the Mill Prep Monday Financial Academy for more details on our financial education plan.


Individual Fee: $49.00 (one-time fee)

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