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Michael Burton MBA, CPFC®, CCE™, CFE, CCDSSM

Founder and CEO, Mill Prep Monday & Mill Prep Monday Financial Academy

Michael is a United States Navy veteran with more than 20 years of government experience. It was in 2017 that he discovered his passion for personal finance when he eliminated his own debt and vowed to help others do the same. Michael wants to help bridge the financial divide by providing education through the Mill Prep Monday Financial Academy which won the Excellence in Financial Literacy Award from the Institute for Financial Literacy in 2021.

Michael holds four certifications including Certified Personal Finance Counselor, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, Certified Financial Educator and Certified Consumer Debt Specialist. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Networking and Communications Management and an MBA.


De' Shonda Burton, CPFC®

Financial Planner and President, Mill Prep Monday

De' Shonda spent a decade in Corporate Communications prior to becoming a
Financial Planner. Though her enthusiasm for personal finance started at an early age, it was later in life when she realized how fulfilling it was to guide and support those in their journey to financial empowerment.

De’ Shonda is a Certified Personal Finance Counselor and holds a bachelor's degree in Communications from Kennesaw State University in Georgia. She is an active member of the Financial Planning Association of Georgia and volunteers as a Money Management Coach for an Atlanta area Church organization.

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